Indian River County 1st and 2nd place winners. Essay Contest

Today (November 21, 2017) In Indian River County, we presented the awards to our first and third place winners in our STEP UP AMERICA essay contest. The topic for the essay was “What does freedom mean to you and what protects our freedoms?” First place winner is Alex McGuigan, from Storm Grove Middle School. He won a trip to Washington D.C.! Our third place winner is Hannah Widman, also from Storm Grove Middle School. She won a $50 visa gift card! Our second place winner will be announced on November 22nd. Stay tuned!

John McIntosh-Director of Operations- addressing the lunch crowd to announce the winners.

Storm Grove Middle School Cafeteria. Vero Beach, FL

John McIntosh and our third place winner Hannah Widman.

Our first place winner, Alex McGuigan.

Alex and Hannah with Principal of Storm Grove Middle- Anne Bieber.



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